Loookout for the deals of the month coming your way, check your emails, check your sms, call us or visit our web/facebook page to know about it and avail the exclusive discount deals as they are valid only for a month* and you may not get them again very soon.

The objective of Club Perfect is to offer exclusive discount deals from renowned brands in Karachi for the members of Perfect Match and their Referrers/Introducers. Every month different deals would be offered to our members via emails and text messages. They would get a discount that is not been offered to other clients. The offers may be from a shoe store, an apparel outlet, a perfume shop, a food chain, a jeweler store, a salon or even you could send us the name of the brand that you wish to purchase something from if you get a reasonable discount on it.

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1 – Get Yourself Registered

Match making is a procedure where requirements of both sides are matched. The first step of this process is to fill the complete bio-data. For your convenience, you can fill that form online from our website too. We will collect your personal, educational, physical and family information.

2 – Let us Verify Details

Although, we trust the information you have provided but we will confirm these as it is a part of our procedure. The verification process is to make sure that only genuine proposals are in our database. It is required by all applicants to provide correct information in registration.

3 -Meet a Perfect Match

Third step is where parties like to meet face-to-face or talk on phone. We can help you arrange the meeting in either family’s home or in our office. In case if they like to talk on skype before a meeting we can arrange a conference call on Skype on a convenient time for both families.

All Perfect Match Registered Candidates get following Amazing deals with following Brands:

Free Stay at Dreamworld Resort for the married couple of Perfect Match

50% Discount at Bachelor Bawarchi Cooking Classes for Perfect Match Couple

20% Discount for the settling couples of Perfect Match at Sanam Botique

15% discount to Perfect Match clients on their marriage photography packages.

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